Santic Group is a global industrial and trade group
Santic is a well-established company that supplies trending, bulk production, and in-store solutions for technical sportswear. After 17 years of development, it has become a global industrial and trade group and currently has more than three thousand employees worldwide.
Social responsibility
Our great people work as one team. Teamwork enables us to make great garments. We are all individuals, but also we are all a big family sharing the same lovely planet.
We are not only strictly following the rules of Social Compliance by law, but we do always care about our people who have the opportunity to become a leader & grow up together with our company. Charity is important to us-donation of clothing & medical is a traditional activity of our company culture.
Eco Consciousness is not the only philosophy in our company but our concern are the younger generation to be able to live on a green earth in future.